Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Time Plys When You're Having Fun!

The last two days have been spent putting the ply board on the outside of the frame. This will brace the frame adding structure and also allows a flat surface to fix the exterior finish and the interior insulation etc.

The plying didn't go quite as well today as the nail gun gave up just over half way round the garage. We thought it had just got too hot, but then Darran thought perhaps it was a bit clogged up so had it to pieces on the back of the truck and cleaned it out with an antibacterial hand wipe (one of their many uses!) and it worked for about 2 minutes then wouldn't fire at all. We got home and Dad cleaned it out with the paraffin sprayer and it is working again now (good old Dad!).

This is Darran's Nail Firer's Finger - not a good look and quite sore, but not much more to do!

Today we also drilled the holes for the post supports. Two post supports outside the dining room for the covered terrace area and two post supports in the garage to carry the roof. We have set the two in the garage but realised we didn't have enough threaded bolt rod for the ones at the back so will do them tomorrow.

A slow day today and with the nail gun packing in it felt like the world was against us by about 11 o'clock. But, we did get quite a lot done, and tomorrow should be a slightly easier day too as we should be able to finish off things that we have started but have been waiting for materials to be delivered.

May even have Friday off. We'll keep you posted!

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  1. It's growing jolly quickly! We did wonder how you would be going with all the rain - now we know. Mind you, I like the swimming pool idea!