Thursday, 25 June 2009

The Right Wing

Today we completed the right wing of the house all bar the noggins and a couple of extra studs but we ran out of timber. We had a lot of visitors to site today so we're lucky to have finished. Our first visitor was the architect at 8am, followed by Building Control at 10am, then our foundations contractor's Site Manager stopped for a chat a couple of times throughout the day, then one of the groundworkers wanted to tell me all about his dog's trip to the vets, then the contractor's Site Director turned up and wanted to chat, and then our representative from Buildstore's Trade Card arrived at 4.30pm. So I think we did quite well really!

We're framing the two sitting room walls of the house tomorrow after the arrival of more timber and framing the garage. The weather is still on our side so we're hopeful we may even get a day off at the end of next week before we go back to 'real' work.

On our way out of the development tonight our truck got stuck down a man hole! The contractors that had been doing our foundations had damaged one of the man holes in the communal area so had replaced it tonight before they left. On our way out we heard a crack and thought Darran had hit the cottage which is one side of the access way. I got out and had a look and couldn't see anything and then there was a massive crack and the front wheel of the truck sunk and got stuck down the man hole. Oh. Now what do we do. As luck would have it, the Site Director had given Darran a card today for possible work in the future, and on it was his mobile number so we called that and he dispatched two vehicles and four men to come and replace the cover and pull us out! About half an hour later they arrived and managed to free the front tyre and pull the truck around too. They have put a temporary plate over it tonight and will come back in the morning to replace the cover.

It turned out that the (little) van that left our site today broke the first one when he ran over it, so swapped it with one on our soak away and would be back tomorrow to sort it out. Our truck is about twice the size of his van so how he thought we were going to get I don't know.

So that was fun and games at the end of a very hot day! We're warned tomorrow and have a spare piece of plywood to place over the man hole now in case it looks a bit dodgy.

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