Sunday, 20 March 2011

Plaster Boarding: Part 1

Photos of the plaster boarding so far. Two weekends have boarded....

Hallway from the study.

Bedroom 3 - wardrobe.

Bedroom 3

And as you can see from the photo above, still quite a bit left to go at (and there is one more pile round the corner that you can't see...)

Sunday, 13 March 2011

The (Almost) Final Stretch!

Well, here it is. A long overdue blog post.

Although we haven't posted for a few months, we certainly haven't been idle.

All electrics and plumbing are now installed. The electric sign-off has taken place and Darran got top marks first time! He has researched and installed all electrics himself, and Building Control then appoint an electrician to sign off the works (they don't like doing it because it's a free service, but it worked well for us!). All plumbing pipes are in, including gas pipes. This sort of thing isn't that photogenic hence not posting regular photos for a while.

The next task was to fit all door linings and the insulation in the external walls and acoustic insulation in dividing walls. Building regulations only state that you need acoustic insulation where bathrooms join another room, but we decided to acoustic all of the bedroom wing.

This picture shows some of the heat recovery system pipes across the sitting room ceiling.

All that is now complete and we had our pre-plasterboard sign off last Friday 11th March and we passed with flying colours! This involved a visit by Building Control, the Structural Warranty Surveyor and Architect. Now it's on to the plaster boarding and actually making rooms! It is already half way there having the insulation in and you can no longer see from one end of the house to the other! Not wanting to get cold, we have already plaster boarded the study!

We have lined up a plasterer to come in and skim the walls and ceiling when the board is up and then it's on to the fun bit, decorating and fit out!

We're off to the Ideal Home Show on the 18th March to try and get some ideas on interiors, and specifically the use of colour - having only ever lived in rented accommodation since we have been together the only colour we know is magnolia!