Monday, 1 February 2010

Plumbing And A Halfway House

Too cold for bricking, this weekend saw a big leap ahead with the plumbing. The hot water loop is complete and the cold water loop is almost there.

These pipes are currently cut to size, bent to the correct angle and set in place ready to be clipped to the joists and the joints to be soldered.

After weeks of debate about copper v plastic pipe work (and yes, we mean weeks and weeks), copper was decided. It's going well so far, Darran's 'pipe-benders-face' is now easily recognisable, I think the 22mm pipe is harder to bend than first thought.

In other news, we have found a property to rent where the wall at the end of the little courtyard garden is the same wall that surrounds our plot. It is a perfect location. I have dropped the application form off today, so hopefully we'll be successful and be able to take the tenancy from the 1st March which will give us a few weeks to move in while we still have our Oxfordshire place. We'll be so glad to have moved and being so much closer will make such a difference.