Monday, 22 June 2009

A Post About A Post

Today was the first day of our two weeks off building the frame. As you'll see from the photos the contractors are still on site finishing the drainage and block work around the perimeter of the slabs. We can work along side them so it won't hold us back, progress will just be a bit slower over the first few days.

We went over to pick up the steel post on Saturday that will support the beam over the garage doors, and with the help of the contractors, managed to stand it today. Quite relieved that a digger and sling were available as well as a couple of men to help out as not sure how we would have done it otherwise. The post was about 130 kilos and I don't count as manpower for anything over about 30 kilos at the moment!

We have cut all the studs for the garage and about a quarter of the studs for the house. We will be standing the house studs tomorrow as the block work is still to be laid around the garage.

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