Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Beaming Marvelous!

Today we put up the beams and posts in the garage and out the back of the dining room, and the two beams across the breeze way between the lobby and garage.

The posts and beams outside the dining room window were a bit tricky (well, that's what I can publish, I'm probably not allowed to say out loud what we really thought of them!) They took so much time to set out and level and then the bolts had moved in setting over night which meant the supports wouldn't sit straight down over them, then there was a bit of banging with a hammer involved, then a bit of angle grinding, and then they fitted. Hooray!

It has been so HOT today. The hottest yet I think. How we kept going I don't know, but all big jobs are now done and we've got a few odds and ends to tie up tomorrow before doing the internal walls.

We're now aiming for Friday afternoon off.

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