Friday, 5 June 2009

Can't Quite Reach

During all the turmoil and letter issues this week with Buildstore and the Council, we still managed to have a laugh.

The Building Control Officer at the Council mentioned to our architect that all residential properties should really be within 45m from a fire service hydrant at any one point within the boundary of the plot. We were nearer the 52m mark. Building Control suggested that we put a piece of hose in the ground at the boundary that the fire service could use to connect to the hydrant or as an extension to their hose, and that would then be long enough to reach any point on the plot should they need it.

I know I’m always worrying if I’ve left the gas on, but this seemed a bit extreme!

The good news is the Fire Service has now been consulted and the Chief Fire Officer has confirmed there isn’t a problem and they can access the property without the need for additional hose or hydrant.

The funniest part of all this is we are probably only about 60m from the actual fire station itself!

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