Sunday, 7 June 2009

House Built By Blackberry From Orange

I wasn’t a fan of the Blackberry at all. They always seemed a bit all singing all dancing for me, all I need is a phone that I can call and text on, and maybe take a photo. I also hate the fact that 90% of those who own a Blackberry have it constantly attached to the end of their arm, almost like one hand has morphed into the latest model.

Anyway, Darran persuaded me that I might like one when I came to upgrade my phone last year, and after checking out the buttons (they have to be right) and how big they were, I thought I’d give it a go.

Before I go on I would like to point out I am not one of the 90% mentioned above. But…..

My Berry has been worth double its weight in gold. The facility to receive and send emails on it has been so helpful with the project so far. The architect and I exchange emails daily, we can respond to quotes from suppliers as they come in, and Buildstore can say ‘yes’ on the emails too! We are sure that things have happened a lot more quickly and smoothly as we are able to respond quickly, otherwise we would have to wait until we got home in the evenings, and then we’ve lost a working day. In some cases this doesn’t matter, but at other times it’s helpful to respond to keep the momentum going if certain professional friends seem to be on a roll!

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