Friday, 26 June 2009

Hitting A (not-brick-but-timber) Wall

Today we learnt that: -
  1. Our block work around the garage was wrong.
  2. Katie can't read a tape measure (well, not consistently anyway).
  3. When it rains hard, the slab fills up with water to create our own indoor swimming pool in the sitting room (this is normal though, there is nothing wrong with the slab).
  4. Hardcore is really really really hard to dig a hole in.
  5. The cat over the wall is attracted to the sound of Darran's nail gun firing.

So not such a productive day really.

It didn't start that well as by 8am we found that the block work around the garage that the frame sits on ranged between 30mm and 50mm too narrow. We called the architect who came down and agreed and then we had to wait all day for a solution. We managed to build the frame but just not stand it so the time wasn't wasted but it was so frustrating. The architect called back late this afternoon and said that our Contractors had only been sent a part sectional drawing of the garage showing the block in front of the metal post, and had assumed that the 125mm blocks went all around the garage and not just in front of this post. Anyway, not wishing to get into who said what to who about the blocks, our architect came up with a solution to pack out the bit of block missing under each stud with a packer. This will work and we will be compensated by the architect for his lack of scrutiny when signing off the groundworks. All the frame is now cut and ready to stand tomorrow.

So, when Darran eventually found his carpenter's mojo again after the morning frustrations, I was set the task of measuring for the noggins (the horizontal bits between each stud that keeps them straight). I had the worst tape measure in the world that was rusty and a lot of the millimeter lines weren't there, but I persevered and diligently wrote everything down, only to find when Darran cut them that some were way out. I kept taking them back having to own up to the fact they didn't fit, and it was raining and about 5 o'clock so not helped by being at the end of a long day!

The more it rained the more the slab filled up and up so we were splashing about it in by the end of the afternoon, adding to the enjoyment of cutting bits of wood in the rain!

I was also given the job of digging two holes outside the dining room patio doors down through the hardcore to find the concrete pad to set the supporting beams on. I found it, but the hole is more conical than square, but it's a good start!

On brighter notes, we have a little black and white cat who lives over the wall and seems to be attracted to us by the sound of Darran firing his nail gun. This seems really odd as you would think that sound would be quite scary for a cat. It hasn't actually come to say hello properly yet, but it won't be long. We also have a site office, already moved a few things in, fire extinguisher, site manual, safety equipment, picnic chairs, it's also really good when it rains!

Tomorrow we're back on site and can make a noise until 1pm so will stand the garage and finish the noggins and studs in the house. We will then do some measuring on the external frames to fit ply board to. We had 75 sheets delivered today, and all need to be cut to size for Monday.

No rest for the self-builder!

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  1. Beautiful cat! You never know what they will or won't be scared of!