Monday, 27 June 2011

Colour At Last!

Well, we said we wanted colour!

(The gaps are where units will go).

Here is the kitchen and dining room in all its Redcurrant Glory. We weren't sure when we opened the tin as it looked more Raspberry Pink, but we love it! It's difficult to imagine it with all the kitchen units, furniture, skirting and coving, but it's how we imagined colour-wise so far, so that's a relief.

Other than the kitchen, the Guest Bedroom has had its main colour, and the hall, lobby, utility room and all the ceilings have now had two coats.

It seems to be moving on a pace again now, which is great, and just what we need.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Painting Has Started

Today saw the first coats of the final finish paint applied.

The ceilings have been done in the lobby, cloakroom, bedrooms 1, 2 and 3 and the hallway.

It all seems very close to the end now!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Hormanns From Hell

Note to self for fitting any future remote controlled roller shutter doors - DO NOT follow the instructions but use the common sense you were blessed with.

We had fun and games fitting these Golden Oak Decograin Hormann Doors.

The instruction book contains 'Maintenance and Operating Instructions' in over twenty different languages (2 pages for each language), and is then followed by 16 pages of diagrammatic instructions. All the manufacturers stipulate you need in order to fit the doors is 90mm around the opening to fit the frame on to. What they don't tell you is you also need room either side of the door frame in order to attach various Important Parts that require nuts to be done up.

After 4 1/2 hours of frustration with barely the four outer parts of the frame attached, and mutterings of "I'd like to see their guys try and fit our doors in six hours", and announcements of new words not currently included in the English (or Australian) Dictionary, we decided to abandon the instructions, and do our own thing!

Ta Da! A lot easier, which is reflected in the construction times. Door 1 = 12 hours, Door 2 = 2 hours
Notice the painted white ceiling and 'Stone' walls.

Despite all that we're very very pleased with them!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Testing Testing

I have been living in Tester Pot Heaven for the passed few weeks, as you'll see by the photos below. So far we have decided on: -

Guest Bedroom: feature wall = Mulberry Burst, contrasting walls = soft stone
The Hive (aka the office): feature wall = Lapis Blue, contrasting walls = TBC. We don't like the current contrasts so will have some more coming in a few days.
Main Bedroom: feature wall = Volcanic Splash 2, contrasting walls = TBC. We have some chocolate and coffee browns coming shortly.
Sitting Room: feature walls = Potters Wheel, contrasting walls = Rum Caramel 5
Dining Room: Two walls = Rum Caramel 5 linking with main kitchen colour below.
Kitchen: Main Wall = Redcurrant Glory linking with Rum Caramel 5 above.
Cloakroom: feature wall and alcove = Blue Reflection, contrasting walls = Wellbeing
Lobby: all walls = Putty

All ceilings will be Contemporary which is a slight off white. Skirting and architrave will either be Contemporary, or the contrasting colour in each room.

We have yet to decide on tiles for the bathroom and ensuite.

Monday, 6 June 2011


Yep, the house is now complete and ready for final fix, decoration and fit out.

The plasterer and his team have done a great job of the final finish of both the house and garage. Darran has finished spraying the seal coat and we're ready to go. There are some pictures below which give you an idea that everywhere is WHITE, so I didn't put too many on as everywhere looks the same!

Note the 'Paint Station' in this picture used to help with refilling the sprayer. This must-have self-builder's kit isn't available anywhere else! Dragon's Den here we come....??

Kitchen looking towards the lobby and out the front door.
Looking into the dining area from the kitchen.
Sitting Room towards kitchen

WARNING: the next post will contain bright colours!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Buildstore Case Study

A little while ago we were contacted by Buildstore, the UK's leading organisation for self build, renovation and conversion products and services. Our mortgage is with Buildstore Financial Services and during a conversation with our mortgage advisor, Tom McSherry, he asked to see some pictures of our project which he had helped to support, I sent him through a link to this blog, and the next day was contacted by Jaclyn Thorburn, PR and Communications Manager for Buildstore wanting to feature Darran and I as a case study!

We were really, really chuffed, to say the least.

Buildstore often get approached by national newspapers and magazines for stories for self-build projects and Darran and I are now in the mix should they get any requests. We are also featured on their website here.

Jaclyn has also requested a picture of Darran and I in front of the house, which we have promised when it's looking a little more picturesque i.e. when the Roundup has done its job, which shouldn't be too long now.

Thank you again to Jaclyn, Tom and the team at Buildstore for taking an interest!