Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The Left Wing

Today was our first proper day on site, and we completed the external frame around the left wing of the house, so the entrance lobby, kitchen and dining room are done. It went together really well and all that cutting over the last few days made all the difference. You'll see the photos show our progress.
Tomorrow's plan is the right wing and then Friday is the garage and sitting room.

The plywood for the external bracing and backing is being delivered on Friday so we should hopefully get it all cut over the weekend ready to fit on Monday, then we'll start on the internal walls next week.

It is fairly safe to say we're shattered, but it's such good fun that it doesn't seem to matter. We're building our house! For over a year we have wanted to do this and finally we are. It's a very good feeling.

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  1. The left wing's cool - but I still like the post best! It's all tall & majestic! Hope it all continues to go well.