Sunday, 14 June 2009

Flat Packed House

A busy weekend this weekend. We had all the timber delivered for the frame on the house (photos below). It actually didn't look that much on the back of the lorry, but after I had moved and stacked all 6 tonne of it, I can safely say that there is merit on not getting carried away on first impressions.

We also had the first injury of the timber frame stage; Dad dropped a lintel on his ankle.

We managed to get all but a few lintels chopped to size and planed to the correct thickness. We will start on cutting the studs and noggins for the walls next weekend as we need to take a measurement from the base of the brickwork that the groundworkers have yet to do.

We visited site on our way home and took some photos, including one of our new BT pole. The slab is now down and the footprint of the house looks really small, and the garage looks huge in comparison. I'm told it is because it is currently in the middle of a huge plot (but won't it always be?!) and when the frame is up it will look bigger and when the garden is sorted and there aren't piles of soil everywhere it will look better. I'm not very good at imagining things where Darran finds that easy so I'm sure he's right.

A week tomorrow we will be on our own plot, building our own house!

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