Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Still Waiting....

We're still waiting for a response to the letter we hand delivered on Sunday (as noted in Stand Well Back).

We both hoped that we would have had an acknowledgement by now, if not a full response, given the nature of the letter and its contents.

Another week slips by; not got a good feeling about this.....

On a more positive note, all application forms have been filled in and sent back for water, electricity and gas connections. Only BT to go, although that isn't quite so urgent.

We have also made enquiries into schemes for structural warranties, and are about to register the plot with Zurich 10 Self Build Warranty. This needs to be done prior to work starting on site (which shouldn't cause a problem at the moment!). Thinking about work starting on site, that reminds me, we haven't received confirmation of Land Registry yet so I ought to phone the solicitor to find out how long that should take.

Seems like we're just waiting at the moment, then.

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