Saturday, 11 April 2009

Here We Go Again

Here I am, writing another post about our project manager, or the lack of him. Am I boring anyone yet?

Still no improvement, or so it would appear, with communication or response times to letters and emails.

Here is a brief overview of our current frustration. Emailed last Monday night requesting information needed to complete a form, only basic stuff. Nothing. Telephoned on Thursday, yes, they had my email and I was assured a response that day. Phone call back shortly after initial phone call asking me to resend original email. Again, reiterated that I would like a response that day. Yes, was going to be done right away.

Nothing. Not even any post today and Darran was hopeful for some drawings as we are meeting a representative from BuildCentre on site next week and he wanted to get a cutting list ready to discuss.

I have sent another email which is a forward on from the previous two so the email trail is clearly visible. Darran is phoning on Tuesday as going on the assurances given in the last phone call he had, we should have received something by now.

The saga continues.....

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