Saturday, 25 April 2009

Perspiration And Percolation

We went up to the plot again today to install a builders standpipe and tap fitment on the end of our water pipe. Darran did this with apparent ease, although we did have water on site today in the form of perspiration (and rain at times)! The trench for the water pipe had to be 750mm deep which once you got through the top 4 inches or so was easy (or looked easy, I was only the one holding the tape at the required length to measure the depth of the trench and giving encouragement!).

And then it rained.

We (Darran!) then had to dig two holes to carry out percolation testing. The results will tell us how good the drainage capability is of the ground and will determine whether we can just have a soak away or will have to discharge rain water etc. in to the mains drainage system. Mum and Dad have kindly agreed to fill our holes with water and stand and watch how may seconds it takes the water to drain away!

Our tenders are due back on Monday for the foundations and ground works. We will hopefully be able to meet with the architect and project manager next week to decide on the preferred contractor and make the instruction for work to commence.

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