Sunday, 19 April 2009

Keep Out!

On Saturday we collected some site security fencing and put it up along the open boundary to the plot, after asking the people we bought the plot from to clear their rubbish, cement mixer, sand and some polystyrene off. Cheeky! They were all ready to have another bonfire as well so were a bit miffed I think!

Collecting the fence put the pick-up to work for the first time and it was perfect. It fitted up the access way without any problems. Getting out was a little more tricky, but I'm sure when Darran's had a bit more practice it will be a piece of cake!

In other news, it would appear that the project manager hasn't sent the foundation tender documents to the two people we requested so Darran needs to ring again tomorrow. The water board will also be getting a call as we think they have quoted a connection to the wrong property, and also asked us to install a connection pipe when there is one already in the ground.

It was nice to be actually doing something on our plot, even if it was only putting up fence panels!

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