Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Testing Testing

I have been living in Tester Pot Heaven for the passed few weeks, as you'll see by the photos below. So far we have decided on: -

Guest Bedroom: feature wall = Mulberry Burst, contrasting walls = soft stone
The Hive (aka the office): feature wall = Lapis Blue, contrasting walls = TBC. We don't like the current contrasts so will have some more coming in a few days.
Main Bedroom: feature wall = Volcanic Splash 2, contrasting walls = TBC. We have some chocolate and coffee browns coming shortly.
Sitting Room: feature walls = Potters Wheel, contrasting walls = Rum Caramel 5
Dining Room: Two walls = Rum Caramel 5 linking with main kitchen colour below.
Kitchen: Main Wall = Redcurrant Glory linking with Rum Caramel 5 above.
Cloakroom: feature wall and alcove = Blue Reflection, contrasting walls = Wellbeing
Lobby: all walls = Putty

All ceilings will be Contemporary which is a slight off white. Skirting and architrave will either be Contemporary, or the contrasting colour in each room.

We have yet to decide on tiles for the bathroom and ensuite.

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