Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Hormanns From Hell

Note to self for fitting any future remote controlled roller shutter doors - DO NOT follow the instructions but use the common sense you were blessed with.

We had fun and games fitting these Golden Oak Decograin Hormann Doors.

The instruction book contains 'Maintenance and Operating Instructions' in over twenty different languages (2 pages for each language), and is then followed by 16 pages of diagrammatic instructions. All the manufacturers stipulate you need in order to fit the doors is 90mm around the opening to fit the frame on to. What they don't tell you is you also need room either side of the door frame in order to attach various Important Parts that require nuts to be done up.

After 4 1/2 hours of frustration with barely the four outer parts of the frame attached, and mutterings of "I'd like to see their guys try and fit our doors in six hours", and announcements of new words not currently included in the English (or Australian) Dictionary, we decided to abandon the instructions, and do our own thing!

Ta Da! A lot easier, which is reflected in the construction times. Door 1 = 12 hours, Door 2 = 2 hours
Notice the painted white ceiling and 'Stone' walls.

Despite all that we're very very pleased with them!

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