Friday, 11 September 2009

Windows On The World

Tomorrow we're going down to Somerset to meet with a window manufacturer. It has taken us a long time to decide on the windows. They are an important part of the build, more so for us as we have so many windows and doors that if we get it wrong, it could completely ruin the look of the house.

We have struggled with certain manufacturers who seem incapable of amending quotes as we mentioned here and who also aren't really supplying what we want so we would be 'making do' with what they do. The windows we are going to see tomorrow are more expensive than we budgeted for, but we think it's the right decision.

In other news, we went to a DIY store's kitchen design service last weekend which was really helpful. Helpful in so much as we don't like what we thought we wanted now we've seen it in 'virtual reality'. And we have since found we can get something far nicer a lot cheaper (i.e. exactly the same tap for £100 less!) from a certain Swedish flat-pack company! We're going to have a look at their range tomorrow on the way back from Somerset.

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