Saturday, 12 September 2009

High Maintenance Porta-Loo

If you have contractors working on site you are required by law to provide 'welfare facilities' so in our case this is a toilet and running water. There is a public toilet about five minutes walk away but that doesn't count.

We have a very attractive bright green porta-loo which so far has spent more time just sat on site than actually being used. These odd toilet trips we've had and our contractors have had probably work out about £2 a time, if not more. That's expensive relief!

This loo is a bit of a diva on the quiet too. Because we are set back from the road and the loo cubicle itself is too heavy to carry, it takes three people to load it on to a trolley and wheel it down the courtyard to the road where they service it and do whatever else it requires and then it's loaded back on the trolley and wheeled back up again. Only to sit there under the Beech tree.

But, as Darran keeps reminding me, it's that or people water the plants. I'd rather have the loo.

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