Monday, 11 May 2009

It Is Finally Happening!

Today is the day that work starts on our plot. We're feeling a nervous excitement that this is actually happening! After such a long wait, someone is actually starting to build our house for us.

We will be going up to the plot in a few weeks time to have a look and take some photos. The work should be about half way through so there should be something to see.

Still slightly struggling with the services, it's all just wait wait wait! I was volunteered to ring the Gas board today (although I do think this is technically a construction matter = Darran!) to try and get some coherence out of someone called Farooq. Came away still with a clean page in my notebook so rang the shipper of the actual gas who could explain everything and were much more helpful. They also fit meters for free. FREE! Now there's a word we haven't heard for a very long time.

So, that's about all for now. All seems to be going smoothly and as planned, but as with any self build, watch this space!

PS - If you've some across this site by chance and are also a self-builder and own the The Housebuilders Bible, multiply the cost they give you for service installation by four, that will be far more realistic!

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