Sunday, 10 July 2011

And There's Still More Colour......

The painting is finished! Only the odd touch up to go in the corners, but other than that, we have rooms with colour, real colour in a real home!


Master Bedroom

Guest Bedroom

The Study

These photos come with the usual caveat 'bear with it until it's finished, you're not thinking what we're thinking'!

We had all the skirting and architrave delivered on Saturday so the next step will be hanging the doors, and fitting the skirting and architrave, and glossing. Our internal doors are being delivered next Saturday (hopefully) and that will move us on a bit more.

We also sat down this afternoon to make a list (if you haven't realised by now I am the List Queen) about what we would like to do before our two weeks off in August, what we need to get, and do a bit of a stock-take on where we are. If you write really really small, everything between now and when we move in just about fits on one side of A4!

Surely that's a good sign.

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