Sunday, 22 August 2010

The Photos So Far

Here they are, long awaited photos of our progress so far.

We have about a quarter of the house left to stick bricks on, and then half the house needs to be pointed.

On Friday we discovered that we were 14m of metal base plate short. The is something that Eurobrick supplies as part of the system, so a quick call to them and we will get more delivered tomorrow. This shouldn't hold us up and we're glad we discovered this now rather than next weekend!

Yesterday was spent cutting more bricks to complete the house. 32 bricks from the end, the brick cutter broke (again!) so another one is also being delivered tomorrow.

We have discovered a new European mountain this week, the newly-formed 'Twin Peaks of Polystyrene'. These are all the empties that the bricks have come in. We're getting rid of them next week so will have a garage again.

Right, mustn't get cold, back to it!

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