Sunday, 11 April 2010

Catching Up

It's been a while since we updated the blog and a lot has happened. We have now moved into Halfway House and have settled in. It only took a week to unpack the boxes and put our things out around us. We haven’t unpacked everything as a) I don’t think there would be room and b) with moving again in a (hopefully fairly) short space of time we didn’t see the point, so a lot is still packed and in boxes in the spare room. We can see The Garden House from the back windows so it keeps us motivated!

Darran has been off the last couple of weeks and has made great progress. The plumbing is now completed (just the shower valves to fit) and he has also fitted the manifold to the under floor heating pipes so we no longer have spaghetti to contend with. We have tested the hot and cold water pipes and no leaks!

We now have the raised vegetable beds in, filled and planted.

The main objective continues to be the bricking. Hopefully as we’re now moving into the nicer weather we will be able to get on with it in the evenings. Darran has done some over the last couple of days as the weather has been so nice. He has done the back of the garage and around under the breezeway, ready to point.

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