Monday, 16 November 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Last week I looked at what vegetable seeds I'm going to order to plant next year. It's nice to be thinking about things to do with the house and moving in that don't involve a screw gun, nail, or expanding foam!

We're going to have two raised vegetable beds in the left hand side of the garden where we can grow veggies and herbs, and some soft fruit like raspberries. I'm going to start this next year as seeds need to be planted from February for next year's crops. I've wanted to grow vegetables for years but never had the space so I'm really excited about it.

We just hope the neighbourhood cats don't use the beds as their litter tray - we do seem to have a bit of a cat-mess-problem at the moment. As I keep hinting to Darran LOUDLY we really need our own to sort them out!

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