Friday, 6 March 2009

So Why This One....?

So what's behind the name of the blog you're probably thinking? And why this particular plot?

Well, the plot was once the garden of a very old, listed building, a landmark house in a market town in Shropshire. The house had stood empty for many years and was auctioned off for renovation. The building firm who bought the property have been converting the house and out-buildings into four apartments. The garden was sold as a plot with planning permission for a bungalow.

We were familiar with the town driving through it every time we visited Katie's parents. When Darran first said he had found a plot in the middle of the town with planning permission for a bungalow, Katie's immediate reaction wasn't favourable! We had been focussing our attention on somewhere closer to the welsh borders with more land (so Katie can grow vegetables, rear pigs and keep chickens) and with no immediate neighbours. This plot has a modest garden and is surrounded by other houses (no pigs or chickens allowed!), and is as close as you can probably get to the centre of a busy market town.

So why this one? We went to see it and had a 'this is it' moment. We were both surprised at how much we liked it, and even though it didn't resemble what we thought we wanted in the slightest, it is perfect for us. Apparently this often happens to self-builders, what you think you want isn't actually what's right for you in the end! The bungalow design is very modern and light, we have made some changes to the interior and have now got planning permission to extend the garage to a double.

This building project, relocation and life change is something that we are both very excited about.

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